A Brief Overview of College

The Meaning

College in Latin originally referred to a group of people living together under a common set of rules. In many languages the word has retained some of its original meaning as it means the institution that houses college student (dorms) rather than meaning the school itself. Regardless of your location, be it the US or UK a college's rank is usually lower than a universities. A college can be a part of a university, although it can't provide degrees by itself. In the UK they usually prepare you for the university degree itself. In the US college is always a name for either undergraduate education or professional and technical training.

An Experience

For most people college is the first step into an adult life. Many young students live on the campus and experience living alone, maybe with a friend, girlfriend, so college is not just an educational experience, but also a life experience. You have to wash for yourself (or send it home every week), prepare your dinner (or order it), clean for yourself, and so on. It gives an experience that is invaluable when you get a job and move away from your parents.

It is also viewed s the golden time of your life, when you are free to party, and live life to the fullest, although sometimes studying is also expected. For most people the first drunken parties, the first real love comes at this time, but also many business partners are made at this time, although you may not know it yet. You can meet all kinds of people, good and bad, rich and poor, beautiful, ugly, it is truly an experience to treasure.


A great thing about college is that you can choose what you want to study. There is usually a period of general study and education, which could contain maths, some very basic economics and so on, but in essence you can choose what you really want to focus on. You can then choose major subjects from accounting to advanced physics and minor subjects from Chemistry to Theater Arts. Many colleges are very big and really do offer something for everyone, this allows people to think of college as doing something they like, not as a burden.


One of the best western colleges is Linfield. Located in Oregon, it offers liberal arts courses to every student. The school prides itself on it's curriculum and houses a lot of students that follow it. The college offers really a lot of options in choosing the best subjects for you, majors and minors are varied and all taught with expertise.

Berry College is a prominent Southern College, found in Georgia. It has one of the most beautiful campuses in the US, but of course that is not why it is a good college. The campus is actually 28.000 acres, contains forests and lakes, a truly scenic place to study. It was founded in 1902 and has a rich heritage that is handed down to young people today.


A lot could be said of any college, let alone two of the best shown here. Please take the time to research where you want to go to study and make the best decision based upon what you have learned from the web. Many colleges offer great oportunities in the US, so don't be shy, but choosing the right one goes a long way.

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