Christian Music

Why Christian Music?

Christian music is not really a genre of music, it is more like a state of mind of the musician. Their music encompasses the whole musical stage, from hymns sung in church to Christian rock bands performing in stadiums. It is about the message conveyed, not the style.

If you look at music inside the church you will rarely see musical instruments when there is singing. During an organ piece I don’t think singing is a good idea, and when there is singing it is done a Capella, without any instruments. The only exception here might be gospel.

Looking outside the house of God it is much more popular to have some sort of band playing. Christian rock, or a bit lighter pop is the most famous type here, but each believer has different styles, so you can find all kinds of music to fit your taste. This is actually such a positive thing about Christian music. It brings faith to younger people by speaking to them in their own language. They max thing that, well Christianity is only for old, stuck up people. They will suddenly realize that it is practiced by young people everywhere and can be a fun, joyous experience.

Christian music has existed for 2.000 years now, the earliest found record is in the New Testament, some of them are sung today, like “Awake, awake O sleeper”. This just shows that music is an integral part of the Church, and was an integral part always.

Nowadays the contemporary music scene is different everywhere. The local culture has mixed with international Christian culture, and this is a great think, bringing diversity to the world. Just look at how Christian choruses sing and how gospel is performed. The message of the two is exactly the same, but they are so radically different. This difference comes from the cultural difference between the people singing it. You can also see a difference if the majority of a culture is religious. In Brazil there are Christian masses, which are actually like a rock show, not really like a mass prayer. This is ok, since who said that practicing your religion can’t be fun?

Recently there has been a big boom in Christian music. This was further helped by the popularity of the internet also, now everyone can listen to Christian music. The most famous musicians are Steven Curtis Chapman, Amy Grant, Skillet, Pillar, Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, Pillar, Jeremy Camp, MercyMe, Third Day, Relient K, Jeremy Camp, but so many smaller names exist that play quality music. The internet has bought on a new age, almost all online stores have a section for religious music, for example the itunes store, one of the biggest ones on the internet has a Christian and Gospel section. Smaller stores like CD Baby which sells music from unknown artists also has a similar section with great, great music.

If you are interested in this interesting part of the music industry be sure to visit these online stores, as you can listen in to the songs, and perhaps buy a CD. If you are a Christian you would be supporting both the artist and Christianity, but also listening to some good music.

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