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Should You Hire a Career Coach to Help You Train for a New Career?

It’s not unusual these days for adults to make a major career change during the course of their working lives, and requiring career training for their new field. Sometimes it’s a result of downsizing, or it could be due to divorce or a move to another city. Perhaps you’ve found your current career path too stressful, or not interesting enough. Whatever the reason, you’ll most likely need career training to prepare you for your new path.

People rarely move directly one career into another without some form of training, and investing in good career training which will help you as you move into a different working environment altogether. There are any number of training services available, offering a wide variety of different courses to choose from. Career training can be fit into your schedule, full time or part time, evenings or weekends, either in a classroom or online.

Career Counseling as an Option

One path to take is to hire a career coach to help you decide on training and future goals. They go by many names – career counselor, career development facilitator, career coach, job coach or vocational counselor are a few of the titles they go by. A good career counselor can help you transition into a new field and a great new job.

Unfortunately, a lot of people advertising themselves as career counselors are running a scam. They promise you career training, a higher paying job, and a fulfilling career. No one can provide you with those things – you still have to go out and get that job yourselves. A good career coach will talk to you about your goals and your skills, interests, and values, steer you towards valuable career training should you need it, then help you hone your job search skills so you can effectively transition into your new career.

It only makes sense that, if you’re going to trust someone to advise you on your career – and pay them money to do it – you should do a little checking into their credentials. After all, you wouldn’t trust a dentist yo drill your teeth if he’d never gone to dental school, you shouldn’t hand over your hard-earned money to a “career coach” who has no professional experience. So look for credentials – if they don’t offer them freely, be wary.

If the career counselor you’re considering has plenty of professional experience and proper credentials, you can probably trust them to give you advice on on changing, career training and interview skills. The next step is to interview them in person, to make sure that you can comfortably work with them. Make sure that they have experience in the field you want to enter – that way you’ll be sure to get valuable advice on exactly what sort of career training you should pursue for you new field.

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