Car Rims

Car Rims for an Optimum Look

Car Rims are the metal wheel over which the rubber tire and the inner tube is fitted. As being the most significant part of the car they are manufactured with highest precision and using the best materials. Car rims are made using different techniques. They can be made in a mold as a single piece, or from two separate pieces called two-piece wheel or even from three separate pieces. They are manufactured using the Forging, Low Pressure casting or Counter pressure casting methods.

Now days more and more car manufacturers recommend using alloy car rims. Alloy rims are more durable and strong compared to rims manufactured in steel. The alloy rims give a stylish look and promise better performance. They provide extra strength that enhances the longevity as well as effecting tire wear in a positive manner. In addition alloy rims being lighter in weight compared to steel rims improve the steering response and handling. Alloy rims also assist in better acceleration and braking.

Latest Trends

Till now Chrome wheels were most liked by car owners due to their shiny exterior. The custom alloy rims mainly included magnesium rims that are x-rayed and heat tempered for good looks and durability. However with the changing trends newer rims are being developed. The latest sensation in car rims is the spinning jewelry. Cars rims with these spinners have an increasing popularity amongst car owners. These eye-catchy rims create an optical illusion that the wheel is still spinning even after the car is stopped. Spinning jewelry goes great with SUV’s, jeeps, sports car and even luxury cars.

Car Rim Care

Rim care is a significant part of car care. As every other component of the car even the rims require care and proper maintenance. Make sure that you keep your car rim clean. Often car brakes cause the wheel to heat up. And in such a case any dust on the rim will create spots on the rim, which will require refinishing later. Here are some ways by which you can take care of your car rims:

1. Use mild soap and water. The same, which you would use to wash your car.

2. Clean with a soft cloth. Don’t use polish on any other rim except on polished rims.

3. Prevent the use of stream cleaners in automatic car washes.

4. Never use tire cleaners on the rim.

5. Clean the rim only when it cools down. And wash one wheel at a time.

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