Cancun Vacations

Cancun Vacations are a Tropical Treat Close to Home

The lovely Cancun an island resort that is world renown for being one of Mexico's most beautiful tourist destinations. From its legendary, white beaches to its busy nightlife, Cancun has long been a popular destination for people of all ages and dispositions, especially college student and honeymooners.  Perhaps the most frequent visitor to Cancun, however, is well-noted to be the American college student, who chooses Cancun vacations because of the plethora of beaches, nightlife and booze. Here is some more information to help you prepare for the perfect vacation in the sun:

A Health Beach Life

The beaches of Cancun are the most frequent sites on the island simply because most tourists choose to have a Cancun vacation primarily for the world-famous sandy terrain. Cancun itself is situated on the Caribbean Sea and offers an endless view of clear, calm, blue waters. Travelers enjoy classic beach activities, such as volleyball, parasailing, sailing, swimming and sunbathing. Many travelers also enjoy taking a more adventurous beach route by snorkeling or even scuba diving into the tropical fish-filled waters. Travelers, please note: Topless sunbathing is allowed in Cancun, although totally nudity is illegal on the major beaches.

Convenience of Transportation

Cancun vacations are known for providing an incubator-like environment for those who wish to partake in them. As such, not only do vacationers enjoy a resort-style atmosphere, but transportation on the island is simple and easy. There is a series of buses that regularly transport passengers to a number of popular tourist destinations around the island. Sticking with these well-trafficked bus routes is one of the best ways to avoid falling victim to crime and petty theft, which is known to occur across the area.

Get in the Zone

The "Tourist Zone" is an area of Cancun that runs about 14 miles long and is the spot most frequented by tourists (surprise!). It is here that there are the most hotels and beach front condos and features a number of activities geared especially towards tourist such as guided tours and vacation packages. Cancun vacationers do not normally travel outside of the Zone, as the outer area is often seen as dangerous for tourists.

There is also an area near the center of the Tourist Zone known as the "Party Zone" which is home to many of the areas party spots and shopping destinations. There are a huge variety of clubs and bars in the Tourist Zone, including bars for dancing and bars for just grabbing a margarita with a small group of friends. Cancun vacations have a reputation for supplying the perfect environment for any kind of partying - and the Zone is where the action takes place.

Also in the Tourist Zone are some minor archeological sites, such as Ruinas El Rey (El Ray Ruins). Tourists that wish to take in some edification while on their Cancun vacations are welcome to jump into a guided tour of the ruins. For the truly adventurous Cancun vacationer, there are regular tours of the Mayan Ruins and excursions into the Mexican jungle. (Be sure to take along a can of bug spray).

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