Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes: Beauty and Comfort, Too

It's possible that you've spent so much time planning the type of outfit that you'll be wearing for your wedding ceremony that you haven't given much thought to comfort. With wedding gowns and hairstyles, there's only so far you can go to maximize comfort while retaining that elegance everyone's expecting; but you can put your foot down, so to speak, when it comes to bridal shoes.

Face it: you'll be wearing your wedding outfit for hours and hours on your wedding day (and probably during rehearsal, too). You'll be on your feet forever, not just during the ceremony but during the reception afterward, too. You'll probably end up dancing with every male over the age of six. This being the case, you owe it to yourself to find shoes that are flattering, chic -- and comfortable.

High - goodbye!

When it comes to comfort, bridal shoes with even moderately low high-heels are a definite no-no. Any woman who has strapped herself into these mobile (if stylish) torture devices knows that they take some getting used to, because they change your balance -- and in a solemn situation, you don't want to end up literally tripping down the aisle. Furthermore, given enough time they cause pains in the heels, toes, ankles, legs, and back. Who needs 'em? Sure, they may make your legs look great, but in a floor-length gown, who's going to see your legs anyway?

Flats, or shoes with low, wide heels, are infinitely more preferable, especially if you plan to do much walking or dancing (and you probably do). Like all shoes, your bridal shoes should fit well without rubbing; otherwise you might get blisters from all the walking and dancing you'll be doing. You don't want to associate your wedding day with foot pain, do you? It's a good idea to wear your bridal shoes around the house a bit before you actually wear them in the wedding, in order to break them in before the big day. Just be careful to keep them clean!

I'm only going to wear them once, so...

Don't fall into the "I'm only going to wear them once" trap. First of all, that's not necessarily so. It's not that hard to find a nice pair of bridal shoes that can be dyed later and worn with an evening ensemble. You may end up wearing them over and over for years. Even if you do only wear them once, they can always go to a deserving friend or relative when she gets married.

The most common result of this attitude is the purchase of cheap bridal shoes. Forget it -- not only does style go right out the window with most cheap shoes, cheap shoes and comfort just don't mix. If you're willing to spend a thousand dollars on a dress, don't spend $9.99 on a pair of cheap shoes; get something that looks good and feels good, and that you won't mind wearing for ten hours at a time.

One final note: comfort is important, but it doesn't outweigh style. Don't think that what your shoes look like doesn't matter, because your dress will cover them up anyway. This attitude is about as wrong-headed as the "wear them once" exercise. Think about it: you'll have to lift your dress to walk, dance, sit, and to remove your garter. You want your guests to remember your wedding because they had a great time, not because of the hideous bridal shoes you were wearing.

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