Barbecue Sauce

Make or Break a Dish with Your Choice of Barbecue Sauce

There are thousands of varieties of barbecue sauce to choose from if you are in the market for purchasing barbecue sauce. These selections range from a general barbecue sauce, such as a mesquite, that can be used with anything, to a more specific citrus sauce, a dipping sauce, a spicy sauce and sauces that a made specifically for one restaurant or another. If you are in the market for a barbecue sauce, here are some tips to help you find the sauce that is right for you:

Taste-Test Several

The simplest way to find a barbecue sauce that suits your flavor pallet is to taste test a variety of sauces. Many restaurants that specialize in barbecue sauce will offer a sampler dish that comes with a host of flavors. You can then easily narrow down your preferred flavors to the ones that you like the most. You can also purchase a samples from some grocery stores. These samplers will be only a few ounces each, but can offer a nice variety, kind of like wine samplers.

Know Your Dishes

Also like wine, different barbecue sauces are intended to match different dishes. Depending on your tastes, you make find a barbecue sauce too mild or to hot for a particular dish, so be sure to taste the sauce prior to including it with a dish - especially if you are expecting company. You can also check with the dish recipe for recommended barbecue sauces.

Make Your Own

Like just about anything, you can make your own barbecue sauce. If you choose to make your own, then you have more control over exactly what goes into the sauce. You can also choose the thickness of the sauce. There are entire recipe books and Web sites dedicated to providing the most recipes about barbecue sauce. If you think you might want to make your own, be sure to do some research to see exactly what sauces are available for you to make - and be sure to follow the recipe step-by-step (it's usually a very easy recipe).

Barbecue sauce is a popular and simple way to make any meal tasty and gourmet. If you are in the market for a barbecue sauce, be sure to do some research into the sauces that are best for you. Then it is important for you to match those barbecue sauces with appropriate dishes. Remember that if yuo do not find the perfect sauce, you can always go at it on your own by making your own barbecue sauce. Hey - you never know when your own barbecue sauce will become a hit!

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