Amalfi Coast Vacations

Amalfi Coast Vacations Are the Perfect Getaways

The Amalfi Coast is located is made up of the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula, south of Naples and a portion of the province of Salerno, in Italy. Perhaps the most well-known part of the Amalfi Coast is the island of Capri.

Known for its rugged coastline, high mountains and clear skies, the Amalfi Coast is a perfect destination for a vacation getaway. The town of Amalfi itself was once a major sea port and still boast much of the architecture and grandeur of its former glory days.


One activity to do when taking a vacation on the Amalfi Coast is to explore the rich history of the islands and towns in the surrounding areas that can be traced all the way back through the Ancient Greek world, the Renaissance and World War II. There are a number of villas and churches open to tourists as well as vendors and crafts, restaurants and parks. For history buffs, other areas around the coast include the site of the ancient ruins of the Island of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which are only a short train ride away.

One of the biggest draws of the area is the abundance of preserved ancient life such as Greek temples, an ancient city wall, and a Roman road, which are trips that be done in a day. There are also a number of temples, museums and towns full of displays of the rich Italian culture.


Weather along the Amalfi Coast is almost always guaranteed to be stunning. Rarely does the temperature drop below 50 degrees, even in the winder months. Although there are rainy seasons, the temperatures generally remain mild. In the summer, the temperature remains around 80 degrees. While the rainy seasons do see an influx of tourists, the heaviest travel times are during the summer months.


Take caution when driving along the road of the Amalfi coast, as they are notoriously windy can pose a danger to driver who are not familiar with the terrain. However, driving may be the best way for tourists and other travelers to get to experience the charm and history of each of the mountainous cliff-towns located along the coast, such as Positano, which as long been a refuge for some of the wealthiest people in the world because of its beautiful beaches and five star services.

Tourists can rent scooters and other vehicles from various places along the coast to aid in traveling from one location to the next. Be sure to practice riding your scooter in a flat location before taking to the curvy, dangerous highways.

Crime is not a major consideration when taking an Amalfi Coast vacation, as, by both local and international standards, the area is considered safe and welcomes the single traveler as well as a family with children. The area is a major tourist attraction for college students and similar travelers who may not have the luxury of staying at a hotel, but can find safety and comfort almost anywhere. The water is considered safe to drink and there are no special health issues to be careful of, although it is always recommended to drink bottled water when visiting any foreign country.

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